Ever Wondered

-What Recruiters look for in an Efficient Employee?
-The power of Personal Branding, Networking, polishing your
Social Image
-What Job Profile suits you the best
-Acing Job Interviews
-How you can Outshine other candidates
-How to overpower Fear & Anxiety

Let the Best version of You reflect!!

It’s essential you get your career off to the right start, and differentiating yourself from others is vital. In this workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know from industry insiders. This course isn’t just how to ace an interview, or how to write a CV, it’s the entire package from choosing which job to apply for, right through to negotiating your salary and accepting the offer.


Whether you’ve got experience of applying for jobs before or not we will give you all the tools you need. This job training is packed with real life examples and practical tips, we are confident you’ll be getting job offers after this workshop. We’ve seen so many candidates miss out because of simple mistakes like giving the wrong first impression, or being too nervous, and we want to separate you from that crowd so you stand out a mile as the best candidate.

If you’re thinking about looking for your dream job then this course is a no-brainer.

Who is the target audience?

  • Recent graduates, post graduates, new job seekers, campus admissions
  • Anyone struggling to find employment
  • Anyone has Anxiety or Fear of interviews or failure
  • Looking for guidance to get appropriate profile
  • Those wanting support with their CV and Cover Letter

Benefits out of this Course

  • Learn firsthand from a professional recruiter about what employers look for
  • Discover a huge range of job opportunities and beat others to apply first
  • Create a Resumes/CV and cover letter that stands out from the crowd
  • Polish your online presence to ensure it shows your best side
  • Develop your own personal brand
  • Get out of the Anxiety and Fear of interview
  • Confidently nail any job interview
  • Negotiate for a salary increase before you accept the job
  • Insight to choose the future or career you really want by Professional Skill Index Psychometric Test

Certificate would be awarded after the completion of workshop

Free Professional Skill Index Psychometric Test (worth INR 2000/-)

Guaranteed Internship (if required)

Refreshments Provided


Surabhi Dewra


Pranav Bhatia


Course Curriculum

Interview 00:40:00
Overpowering Anxiety and Fear 00:10:00
Salary Negotiation 00:10:00
9 Things to Know About How People Are Hired
Online presence, LinkedIn, Networking and using Job portals 00:00:00
What Kind of Jobs Do You Have Open?
Self-Audit: Knowing the Product 00:00:00
Job Audit: Knowing the Market 00:00:00
The Person/job fit 00:00:00
7 Ways to Build Effective Professional Relationships
Professional networks and relationships are biggest hack to get into a job. Know what are best ways to do so. 00:00:00
Secrets for Successful Job Interviews
Ways to successful job interviews 00:00:00
Negatives leading to rejection 00:00:00
Overpowering your fear or anxiety 00:00:00
What Proof Do You Have of Your Skills and Accomplishments?
Giving companies visible proof of your skills and abilities is a must during your job hunt 00:00:00

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    The instructors have a great profile, i’ve heard them in different workshops. The workshop would be worth attending.

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